ADS Services

ADS is a company currently providing services targeting three key sectors of the Angolan Economy, focusing on large scale surveying and mapping. 


Precision Agriculture has led the farming revolution during the last few years. Agronomists, farmers and agricultural engineers have turn to drones to monitor their crops to get better insights thus more accurately plan and manage their productions.

ADS is focused on large scale land surveying on the agricultural sphere.

We believe this data is essential as part of the backbone from which most decisions will be made at the farm throughout the years. The better one knows the features of their land; the more informed decisions will be made.

Deliverables from ADS Survey:

  • Ortophoto

  • Topographical Map

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

  • Digital Surface Model (DSM)

  • Hydrographic Basin Identification

  • Water Line Identification and Water Flow Direction

  • Slope Orientation

  • Solar Exposure Index

  • 3D Model


Mining Operations adopting drones within their work flow, are quickly experiencing significant added value. Drones provide accurate and comprehensive data aiding in the operation coordination, in depth analysis, worker´s safety and diminishing expenses.

ADS is the right partner to aid in the discovery process, allowing for large sections of the mine to be mapped quickly (Up to 2000 hectare / 20 km2 a day).

Properly planning each one of the steps that takes the next mining block to exploration utilizing the data our drones acquire, aids to significant cost reductions and a quick deployment of operation.  


Deliverables from ADS Surveys:

  • Stockpile Count

  • Identification of Hazardous Spots

  • Identification of Illegal Artisanal Mining Spots

  • Identification of Paleo River Systems

  • Topographical Charts (under canopy produced by our Lidar Sensor)

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

  • Digital Surface Model (DSM)

  • Hydrographic Basin Identification


Roads, Electricity Grids and Railways are only a few examples of large infrastructure projects that today can benefit from the usage of drones, for their planning, execution and upkeep.

ADS´s ability to collect data using its diverse range of sensors, which include a Lidar system, a game changer in the Angolan market, puts it in a position to showcase and bring its clients the potential of this technology.


Applications of ADS Surveys for Infrastructure Projects:

  • Bidding and Pre-Planning

    • Allows for better quoting and a pre-plan of the project

  • Site Progress Monitoring

    • Allows for cheap and quick surveying of construction site

  • Maintenance and Asset Inspection

    • Safer for inspection of dangerous sites

    • Hazard identification through the use the latest software tools

  • Road Scanning and Surveying

    • Aids in the decision making for the planning of new roads

    • Identification of Potholes