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Our Work

In this page you will be able to see some of the projects in which ADS has had the pleasure of working on.


Hotel Cucumbi

Cucumbi is a 112 hectare homestead in Alentejo, Portugal´s countryside, which needed a full drone survey in order to be able to work on its overall agricultural main frame. The Alentejo is an area of Portugal that has been experiencing desertification, thus this data was essential to study the different possibilities on how to revert this process in the property.  

Fazenda Girassol

Fazenda Girassol, one of the biggest names of the Angolan Agricultural Landscape, has requested our full drone survey in order to better know and understand its large 10.000 hectare property in Nzetu´, Zaire. One of the intents of the client is to utilize this data for the planning of their large scale rotational grazing system.  


Cooperativa Mutongo

Cooperativa Mutongo is a semi-industrial diamond mining project, in Cacolo, Lunda Sul. They have requested for a drone survey in order to be able to better plan the beginning of their operation. The initial mapped area was of 1250 hectares. This data allowed their team to make better informed decisions on important aspects, such as the best location for their roads and base camp by understanding precisely the water flow within the concession.  

Fazenda Chicapa

Fazenda Chicapa is a 90 hectare property in Saurimo, Lunda Sul, which needed a full topographical survey. This client will use this data to parcel out the property for a communal farming project, which will involve over 100 families and help provide them with more productive and healthier soils to farm on.

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